This National Certificate in Fashion and Garment Design (NCFD) curriculum is aimed at producing fashion designers who are relevant to the industry and world of work. It is learner-centered and competence-based. It emphasizes acquisition of skills by the learners, through practical teaching and execution of projects.

The curriculum is in line with the BTVET Act of 2008, the BTVET strategic plan ‘’Skilling Uganda’’ and the Uganda vision 2040.

The competences that the learner is expected to acquire are clearly spelt out in the modules covered in each academic year. The modules offered in this course are packaged in a manner that will enable the learner acquire skills in performing specific tasks at a given level during the course of study.

Modules such as Computer Applications, Basic Kiswahili and life Skills, are aimed at enhancing the learner’s computer literacy, report writing, and communication skills.

In addition, the following modules: Tailoring Technology, Textile science, Pattern drafting, Fashion and Design practice and Real Life Project are aimed at equipping the learner with the core hands-on skills and techniques in the field of Fashion Design.

Vocational Mathematics Iare aimed at improving the learner’s ability to judge, make decisions, estimate and cost materials and labour, analyze data and understand trends in the world of work.

The Entrepreneurship Skills module provides the learner with the skills of starting up, profitably managing and sustaining an enterprise in an ethical manner.

Industrial Training, which comes at the end of each academic year, is aimed at bridging the gap between institution-based training and the world of work.

This curriculum, if implemented effectively, should produce Fashion designers who are able to construct:

(i) a work apron
(ii) pyjamas
(iii) babies frocks/dresses
(iv) skirts
(v) blouses
(vi) shirts
(vii) pair of shorts
(viii) dresses
(ix) pair of trousers
(x) a work overall
(xi) a waist coat
(xii) a bush/safari jacket
(xiii) jackets
(xiv) traditional wears
(xv) over coats with various style features.
(xvi) Develop a fashion based on a given theme

 Duration of the Course

The National Certificate in Fashion and Garment Design is a full time course taught in two academic years.

Each academic year consists of three terms. Terms one and two consists of twelve (12) weeks, ten (10) weeks of teaching and continuous assessment and two (2) weeks of practical and written examinations.

Third term consists of ten weeks, eight weeks of teaching and continuous assessment and two (2) weeks of practical and written examinations. Industrial training is a core module and lasts for at least 6 weeks and carried out at the end of each academic year.

Terms one and two holidays shall last four (4) weeks on average and term three shall last eight (8) weeks The course shall be completed within a time frame of five years from the time of enrolment and registration.

Entry Requirements

A candidate shall be eligible for admission to the National Certificate in Fashion and Garment Design course on meeting any of the following minimum qualifications:

a) Ordinary Level Entry Scheme (Uganda Certificate of Education) One should be a holder of Uganda Certificate of Education without restrictions on passes and the year of sitting OR its equivalent.

b) Certificate Entry Scheme One should be a holder of Uganda Junior Technical Certificate (UJTC), Community Polytechnic Certificate OR National Junior Vocational Certificate from a recognized institution or its equivalent in technical/ vocational education.

Prospects for National Certificate in Fashion and Garment Design

NCFD graduates may opt to further their skills and education by offering a Diploma and eventually a degree in any of the following areas:
(i) Fashion design
(ii) Fashion photography
(iii) Fashion management
(iv) Fashion journalism
(v) Fashion styling
(vi) Fashion buying


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