In an increasingly image – conscious society, the cosmetology sector is thriving very fast all around the world. The beauty industry has a reputation of being one of the sectors that have enhanced self-employment world over. It encompasses various types of hairdressing, barbering, skincare, nail services, spa and beauty therapies.

The industry requires people who are good at communication, customer care, enthusiastic, reliable, and with plenty of stamina to work with minimal supervision. There has however, been a wide spread of beauty services managed by semi-literate entrepreneurs with rudimentary skills. National Curriculum Development Centre has therefore developed this syllabus to provide learners with a taste of this hardworking, fashion-conscious industry and open their doors into the exciting world of beauty.

The syllabus is in line with the CBET principles to ensure that learners acquire the best competences required for one to setup an income generating activity.

The syllabus emphasises execution of real life projects that build up learners’ capacities as they demonstrate competences of prime importance to their careers. Learners will be trained to enhance natural beauty of their clients and make them proud of themselves. It will enable them to be creative, innovative, and able to start and run own businesses so as to reduce on the rampant unemployment problems in the country.

When properly implemented, this syllabus will produce NDCB graduates who are able to:

  • Analyse hair texture.
  • Make hair shampoos and conditioners.
  • Condition hair.
  • Treat hair and scalp.
  • Design and Style hair.
  • Weave and plate hair.
  • Cut, trim and shape hair.
  • Shape eyebrows and colour eyelashes.
  • Care for the skin.
  • Apply body and facial make-ups.
  • Care for the nails.
  • Cleanse and massage clients.

Programme Duration

National Diploma in Cosmetology, Hairdressing and Body Therapyis a full time programme that shall run for a period of 2 academic years and in any case not exceeding a maximum of 5 years. Each academic year will consist of two semesters composed of 17 weeks of which 15 weeks shall be for training and continuous assessments and 2 weeks for final examinations.

However, the CBET system allows free exit before completion once the learner obtains some skills to enable him/her earn a living; and may continue with the programme at a later date provided he/she completes the programme in the stipulated period of 5 years.

Admission/Entry Requirements

A candidate shall be eligible for admission to the National Diploma in Cosmetology programme on meeting any of the following entry requirements.

a) Direct entry scheme

A learner must have advanced level Certificate (UACE) with at least one principal pass and two subsidiary passes obtained at the same sitting.

b) Certificate entry scheme

A learner should have a certificate in any course obtained from a recognised Training Institution of higher learning.


a) Except where stated otherwise, each module shall be assessed out of 100 marks as follows:

Continuous assessments 40%
Final examinations           60%

the marks shall be converted into Grade Points.

b) Continuous assessments shall consist of:

i. Practical work
ii. Classroom exercises and presentations
iii. Take home assignments to test knowledge and ability to research.
iv. Tests to gauge the students’ understanding and acquisition of knowledge and skills.
v. Reports on study visits, projects, and industrial training.
c) There shall be final examinations within the last two weeks at the end of every semester, set and conducted by UBTEB.

For a module without practical work, continuous assessments shall be awarded as follows:

Assignments 10%
Tests               30%

Several assignments, tests, and practical evaluations shall


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